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German Medical Online PORTAL - The top-class medical business platform

For everybody who wants to reach international markets the GMO PORTAL offers the best chances.

The healthcare sector is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Whereas some countries are ambitiously working on improving their healthcare systems, patients throughout the world set off to find the best possible medical treatment.

Present your products and services to your target group.

The number of people who are searching on the Internet for specific information, products and services is growing at a fast and steady rate.

German Medical Online PORTAL is the appropriate platform to bring together providers of medical products and services with potential customers and patients.

German Medical Online – available anywhere and anytime!

The GMO Portal is global.

Your business can reach people anywhere, in every country in the world, because your potential customers are wherever there is Internet access.

The GMO Portal represents your business 24 hours a day, all year long.

Around the clock, people across the globe can access the information you make available in the portal. They can read your texts and view images and videos of your products or services. This gives them the opportunity to get in touch with you directly.

Take your position in the global medical field.

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1. Your membership - Platinum, Gold or Silver
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980,000 accesses per month!

With an access rate of more than 980.000 accesses per month German Medical Online PORTAL is one of the important global medical business portals - a huge marketplace.

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